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Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

21 januari 2024 in Salon Business Tips

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Tech Talk n°9 Why do BFLEX & BSTRONG give the best shine with 30 SOFT curing mode?

How to get a stunning shine with BFLEX and BSTRONG?

These gels for #naturalnailtreatment and #naturalnailextensions don’t need an extra gloss after curing. These are all-in-one gels which shine all by themselves!

When it comes to curing BFLEX & BSTRONG, always follow this golden rule to get the most spectacular shine: ⁠ GRADUAL CURING = MORE SHINE! ⁠ So the B gels cure best in 30 seconds SOFT (so not FULL) in The Smart Light LED lamp!  

The difference between 30 seconds SOFT and 30 seconds FULL

  • 30S FULL: The Smart Light emits the maximum light capacity for the start to the end of the 30 second curing time.
  • 30S SOFT : The Smart Light will limit its light capacity to 40% during the first 10 seconds of curing. Afterwards, the light intensity will gradually increase from 40% to 100% over the next 10 seconds. Only during the last 10 seconds will The Smart Light emit light at 100% full capacity.

Why cure BFLEX/BSTRONG gels in SOFT mode?

The reason is because of how these gels are formulated. Let’s not forget that both BFLEX and BSTRONG are not just a gloss. These all-in-one gels are engineered (using molecules, photo initiators, particle size and viscosity) to provide a perfect adhesion, strength, nude tone and shine in one single formula. These gels have a more balanced formulation that requires a more balanced curing process.  It is therefore important to cure these gels gradually using the SOFT curing mode! 

What happens during this balanced curing process?

Thanks to the gradual increase in light intensity, the polymerization will be slower and the crosslinking more “orderly”. With a gradual increase in light capacity, using the SOFT mode, you get a more even surface with far fewer flaws resulting in a shiny finish.  

If polymerization would start at full power, this would cause locally rapid reactions to occur that can cause small contractions at the top layer. After the curing time, the result would be visible as less glossy. A matte, less shiny result is in fact the result of diffusion of the incident light on an imperfect, less smooth surface. 

So whether you use BFLEX or BSTRONG as a builder or as a gloss, you will always cure in the SOFT mode. For overly sensitive clients, or first time gel users with nothing on their nails, you can choose the 60 seconds soft mode instead. This 60 seconds Soft mode starts at a lower light capacity of 20% during the first 20 seconds and then gradually increases its capacity to 100% during the next 20 seconds. The last 20 seconds of the 60 seconds SOFT mode will be at 100% light intensity resulting in the same impeccable shine. 

Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

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Product Development Director Birgit Serruys


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