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Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

14 november 2023 in Tech Talk

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Tech Talk n°4 What is the difference between BFLEX and Colour Builder Base?

Biggest difference BFLEX and any other bottle builder

The biggest difference between BFLEX and any other bottle builder base on the market is the huge time-saving difference.  


BFLEX saves time during application and during refill. BFLEX is not a merely a two-in-one yet an all-in-one gel flexible gel in a bottle. It includes the base, the builder, the nude tone and the gloss. BFLEX therefore applies in fewer steps and doesn’t require a separate gloss product.  

BFLEX: self-levelling gel

The amazing characteristic of BFLEX is its unique self-leveling property. As a trained nail technician it is so satisfying to see the gel word for you.  

The nail Tech’s main job is to prepare the nail plate and watch the BFLEX do its magic. As soon as it’s cured you’re done! No filing, no gloss application, just wipe off and go. 

What’s more BFLEX is completely vegan and entirely acid free. This means the gel files off effortlessly leaving the nail in a healthy, undamaged state. 

In addition, many building bases contain acid. These acid containing builder-bases create tiny holes into the nail plate to fix the gel onto the nail. So, they are more difficult and time-consuming to remove, and you risk damaging and thinning down the nail plate in the long run instead of allowing the nail to grow stronger.  


BFLEX, a time-saving gel and is important for the profitability of any beauty salon and it’s just as important to their clients.

On the other hand, the "Rubber Base" type building base is elastic, even rubbery, which makes it difficult to remove using an electric file. 

This can be unpleasant for the customer, time-consuming for the nail professional, and it can damage the drills as well as the handpiece of the nail machine. 

Product Development Director Birgit Serruys

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Product Development Director Birgit Serruys


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