nail art trends AW23
Nail Art Developer Kirsten Mutsaerts

Nail Art Developer Kirsten Mutsaerts

11 september 2023 in New Collection

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Nail Art Trends AW23

Trend alert!

What are the Nail Art Trends for winter of 2023?

Embrace the enchanting realm of nail artistry as we delve into Winter 2023's mystique. From snowflakes weaving tales to frosty winds, a tapestry of seasonal possibilities unfolds. Explore captivating nail looks gracing fingertips, each a unique brushstroke on winter's charming canvas. Join us in discovering the latest trends that make this season truly enchanting.

The trend is ombre, you're on it!

1. Sunset Ombre look


Achieve a professional ombre look effortlessly with the Ombre Sponge and the new Creamy Paint Palette. With its five trendy yet timeless shades, this palette is perfect for creating warm and beautiful ombre designs. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll create stunning ombre looks in no time!

Or use it to create Handpainting Nail Art Looks! Add glitter to your colours for an extra touch of glamour.

The creamy texture of the gel ensures that it does not run out into the cuticles, giving you a flawless look every time. 

Shine bright like a diamond

2. Flash Diamond Topcoat

An icy winter night under the stars. She celebrates, she sparkles and makes her dazzling nails stand out like a shining diamond. Make nails sparkle with the Flash Diamonds Top Coat, infused with silver glitter. This reflective transparent top coat is the perfect addition to any autumn or winter shade, turning it into a sparkly party look!

On dark colours you achieve an even more intensely sparkling effect!

Snow is falling on my nails

3. Snowy Snowflakes Stickers

Turn nails into a winter wonderland thanks to these magical snowflakes. These nail stickers are perfect to add flakes of chilly elegance to all your 
winter looks. 

Sent from Above

4. Dark Roses Stickers

Become a real Tattoo Artist and experiment with these Dark Roses nail stickers! Feminine, seductive, and sensual. Your unique tattoo, until the next refill anyway!

Icy winter flowers

5. Frozen Floral Stickers

A crackling winter garden with white and blue flowers in full bloom. Create the coolest winter looks with this Nail Art!

Enchanting chrome nails, no powder!

6. Liquid Aurora

With this liquid chrome in a bottle you give a magical mother-of-pearl effect to the nails. This look is otherworldly trendy

Simpler application method than with classic chrome powders. No dust particles flying around when you apply this chrome effect.

Nail Art Developer Kirsten Mutsaerts

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