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Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

11 september 2023 in Salon Business Tips

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BIAB nails: discover the trend

What Are BIAB Nails?

BIAB, which stands for "Builder In A Bottle," is an nail system that combines the benefits of gel polish and builder gel. It is a versatile product suitable for natural nail reinforcement. BIAB treatment is widely praised for its durability and strength, making it a popular choice for both nail technicians and clients looking for long-lasting, perfectly manicured nails. But what are the differences between the gels on the market? Which technique do you prefer to use? And get to know the Bmani! 

Difference between Builder Gel, Semi Permanent, and Acrylic

The main differences between builder gel, semi permanent, and acrylic lie in their applications and properties:

  • Semi Permanent: a gel product for strengthening and coloring natural nails, offering a glossy finish that outlasts traditional nail polish. However, extension isn't feasible with semi-permanent.
  • Builder Gel: primarily for nail extension and creating a solid foundation. Thicker than BIAB, builder gel requires multiple layers and lacks BIAB's flexibility.
  • Acrylic: acrylic nails are created by mixing a liquid and powder, causing a chemical reaction that hardens the nail. While creating strong gel nails, improper application or removal can damage natural nails, often accompanied by an unpleasant smell.

Longevity of BIAB Nails

BIAB treatment exhibits remarkable resilience, maintaining its quality for up to 4 weeks without any chipping or fading. Offering a natural look akin to semi-permanent, BIAB manicure combines the longevity and robustness of builder gel, making it an ideal choice for those aiming for a perfect appearance amid busy schedules.

Strength and Nail Extension with BIAB

BIAB nails are renowned for unparalleled strength, even on natural nails. It offers exceptional protection against splitting, breaking, or cracking. Additionally, with new innovations all-in-one gels can be suitable for nail extension. Make sure to read about ProNails B System in which we provide a fast and cost-efficient way of working that is beneficial for you and your clients. 

Ideal for Nail Biters

It is not recent that an all-in-one gel builder presents an excellent solution for nail biters. Its robustness promotes natural nail growth while preventing nail biting. Enhancing nail strength and minimizing vulnerability to damage helps in reducing clients with nail-biting tendencies. 

BIAB Nails Also Known As Structured Manicure

In Anglo-Saxon countries, BIAB nails are dubbed structured gel manicure. Several brands have introduced BIAB-like products or systems. Understanding these differences and the varied benefits for both professionals and salon clients is crucial.

ProNails’ B System

ProNails' B System merges the swiftness and efficiency desired by nail professionals with the advantages for salon clients. Enhanced by a vegan, acid-free formula ensuring hyper-natural nail results, the B System accelerates nail professionals' pace, enabling trendy services and higher earnings—a double win!

The B System Comprises BFLEX, BSTRONG, and BCOLOUR Gels

  • BFLEX, a 4-in-one flexible gel, boasts high elasticity, ideal for clients desiring slight flexibility to prevent breakage on impact.
  • BSTRONG, a 5-in-one gel that suits clients needing extra strength, supporting weak nails and enabling extensions without compromising flexibility.
  • BCOLOUR is the opaquest one-layer gel, compatible with BFLEX and BSTRONG. 

Unlock the acid-free, vegan gel nail system on the market, featuring the fastest and simplest approach for the most natural outcome. ProNails' B System is more than a 'money-making machine' for beauty professionals—it's a cherished choice among salon clients.

Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

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Head Educator Sandrine Roelants

Sandrine is a valued member of our Product Development Team and is Head of Training in our ProNails Academy, which she does with a lot of passion.


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