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13 februari 2023 in Salon Treatment

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Why start with the BSTRONG gel system?

What are BStrong gels?

Profitable & time-saving all-in-one gels for natural nail extensions

Maybe you are already familiar with flexible BFLEX gels? BFLEX gels are specifically designed for short, natural nails. But sometimes you just crave long gel nails and they need more strength.

That is why ProNails developed BSTRONG gels: the first all-in-one gels in a bottle that are strong enough for extensions, just like the classic ProNails Hard Builder gels.

You will be able to offer trendy, natural-looking long nails as well as extend nails naturally with templates. All with the same natural perfection as BFLEX, but for long gel nails. Great, right?

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gel system in a bottle

This brand-new ultra-strong all-in-one gel is a lengthening, base, builder, tone and shine gel in one bottle. And guess what? It is also vegan and acid-free. BSTRONG can be applied to all nail types and has perfect adhesion even on very thin, dry or damaged nails. Nail biters will also benefit.

The BSTRONG gel system offers you a Clear and 5 unique shades to give all your clients the look they want.

Bstrong gel Pronails

Why should you start with the BSTRONG gel system?

Start a new way of living, join the B HYPE.

A new movement for nail professionals
to work twice as fast
earn at least €2,000 more a month
offer the best nails
with the easiest system
so you can live your best live

A new way of living ... don't settle for less!


Increase your work pace or see more clients per day. BSTRONG is quick and easy to apply, with the simple drop technique in just two quick steps.

And what's more ... BSTRONG time-saving gels are super glossy and you don't need to file after building.

As with the BFLEX system, you only obtain this stunning shine after curing under the ProNails Smart LED lamp in just 30 seconds SOFT.So don't waste time with the wrong lamp and with applying an extra gloss.

Compared to a classic single function gels, this 5-in-1 gel system helps you to work faster, when using all products, tools, machines and accessories of the ProNails system.

This will help you to make your work more efficient. The more right ProNails products, tools, machines and accessories you use, the faster you will be able to work.

With an impeccable new gel nail set as a result, each time!

BSTRONG TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME: earn at least €2,000 more a month

Increase your income with the fastest gel service. When you work faster, you can schedule more clients in one day!


For this BSTRONG Natural Nail Extensions you may charge your correct price for this: €90 or more for a new set and €65 for a touch-up. The treatment can include a Baby Manicure preparation of the cuticles and even a gentle hand massage.

BSTRONG Natural Nail Extensions will cost you just €1.90 worth of product for a touch- up and €2.65 worth of product for a new set. Add to that the time savings, which allow you to work twice as fast and earn twice as much, and you have the cheapest and most profitable solution in your salon!
The Smart Light (recupel voldaan)

The Smart Light (recupel voldaan)

Nail Machine Vision Pro 1000 (recupel voldaan)

Nail Machine Vision Pro 1000 (recupel voldaan)

E-Learning BStrong

E-Learning BStrong

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  • Natural
  • Gel

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