Inspired by dramatic statement colours like Valentino Pink, by the ultimate tropical vacation esthetique as seen on the Jacquemus show in Hawai, and by a deep love for the worlds’ oceans.

The ProNails TROPICAL VIBES collection for summer ’23 is a mix of vibrant and energetic colours that make a massive fashion statement. We proudly present you straightforward, juicy and energetic colours like warm sunny orange, hot pink, lavendery lilac and oceanic blue and green hues. Together they create the ultimate tropical vacay vibe.

Like a Lavender Haze

Wisteria Waterfall

This trendy blueish lilac colour Wisteria Waterfall is like the lavender haze from a luscious tropical waterfall. This colour stands for digitalization and change with a natural essence.


Tropic Like it's Hot

The ultimate hot pink for a vibrant vacay vibe: Tropic Like It’s Hot! An absolute statement colour for a sultry sexy energetic nail look. This colour doesn’t need words, it just needs sunshine and the perfect (Snoop Dogg) song!

Go explore the world

Explore More

Explore more is a blueish turquoise version of the popular high fashion ‘Bottega’ green. This beautiful oceanic green inspires us to expand our horizons and go explore the world. Why not try a coloured French?

Sweeter than honey

It takes two to mango

A juicy summer shade with a slightly retro vibe: It Takes Two To Mango is a fun and
playful nail colour that fits perfectly with a sunkissed skin. A sweeter than honey mango shade for a laidback tropical vibe.

Refreshing Turquoise

Private Pool

Nothing says ‘vacation mode on’ like a beautiful tropical island swimming pool turquoise blue on your nails. With this colour on your nails you take that Private Pool feeling everywhere you go!

A tidal wave of blue

Ocean View

For next summer we have turned our gaze towards the oceans and it created a tidal
wave of blue: From fashion, to make-up to gadgets and design objects – This deep
ocean blue is the final but very important trend colour for spring summer 23. It’s the
perfect new nail colour to dive into the summer hands and feet first!

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