These are the new nail trend colours Spring Summer 2024

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These warm comforting, sunkissed shades will make you HUNGRY for summer. Next to this bright and bold world another trendy colour palette emerges taking our breath away this season. As many of us long for peace & balance and holiday getaways, these soothing colours have the emotional power to calm us down and comfort us. Shades that convey the warmth of the sun on our skin, the comforting scent of freshly baked goods and the balancing power of a moment of solitude surrounded by nature.


Shell we eat? | ProNails collection Summer 2024

Let’s give you a taste of summer with the new ProNails collection ‘Shell we Eat?‘

Inspired by the recent revival of the Italian and French Riviera, where less obvious hotspots like Marseille are attracting new value-seeking tourists with an emerging food scene, based on organic and authentic local comfort food.  High-fashion feels this vibe too and reinvents the classic navy riviera style. Get in the mood with Schiaparelli’s chic eveningwear designed for a lavish seafood dinner – with oversized golden lobsters, crab jewels, and shiny fish prints.

Shell we eat? | New Professional Nailcolours

Make Love Not War


Nothing as comforting as freshly baked goods from your local French bakery. Are you a croissant, brioche or pain au chocolat kind of person? Never trust a person who doesn’t eat carbs. This perfect beige shade is the most elegant and comforting summer shade you’ll have ever worn.


Delicious Lobster red


This pinching lobster red will be your go-to red this summer. With a hint of orange, it’s giving you perfect #rednailtheory vibes for a classy and slightly nostalgic look.

Let natural creamy off-white be your go-to summer shade


Like the flesh of sweet white peaches, this creamy off-white colour has a juicy undertone. It’s the most elegant summer shade both on hands and feet.

Fingerlickingly tasty


This is the perfect nail colour to pull yourself closer to the table when being served a Pulpo a la plancha or a similar dish at your favourite seaview lunch spot. It’s the perfect pinkish-brownish neutral shade for that understated elegance we’re all looking for during warm summer days.

Refreshing fruity red


Do you prefer your summer-red to have a soft pink undertone? Then go for Grenadine Dream, a lovely red, that reminds to take regular terrace breaks for some refreshing grenadine with ice and water. This colour will only be available in Gellak Sopolish and LongWear.

Your favourite Cookie Craving Colour


This orangy-brown-ochre shade was inspired by the delicious Madeleine cookies. A warm slightly darker ochre that goes perfect with all your breezy elegant beige linen outfits you throw on during summer.

Popular summer pink

You love it soft and silky


The most popular soft summer pink ProNails has ever had, is now also available in BCOLOUR, to complete the Shell We Eat ? BCOLOUR Collection!

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