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22 augusti 2023 in Salon Treatment

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ProNails at Hud & Kosmetikmässan in Stockholm

Discover the B System at Hud & Kosmetikmässan on September 8th!

Discover the benefits of the innovative B System in real life at Hud & Kosmetikmässan in Kista Stockholm on September 8th. Meet us at our stand E07! Come by and say hello! A warm welcome! 

Meet ProNails at Hud & Kosmetikmässan

With the revolutionary gels from the B System, your efficiency doubles, translating to a substantial increase of at least €2,000 per month (that's a remarkable €24,000 annually!). How is this possible, you ask? By optimizing your work pace, you can seamlessly accommodate an additional 2 clients each day, all without extending your working hours!

Discover the transformative B System: create stunning, vegan, and acid-free gel nails, with or without extensions. Experience beauty and innovation firsthand!

Secure your spot now, absolutely FREE!

Register or buy your tickets to the fair through the link and witness firsthand ProNails' innovative B System. 

  • 30/08 B System digital demo (30 min) - 2pm
  • 08/09 Fair Hud & Kosmetikmässan live demo (45 min) - 1pm
    Address Fair Hud & Kosmetik 23:
    Kistamässan AB - Arne Beurlings Torg 5, 164 40 Kista
    Come & visit us at Stand E07 (450 SEK)

What beauty professional have to say about BFLEX

BFLEX allows you to apply trendy, vegan nail enhancement with natural perfection, in record time!

Why are BFLEX Gels so popular? Because nail stylists experience that they save up to 5 hours a week by using BFLEX Gels for their Natural Nail Treatments!


  • Salon
  • Time-saving
  • Natural
  • Gel
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