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Nail trends 2024

Pastel Ombré Paint Palette

Ombré continues to be a trend this summer, as we can see on the catwalk! This inspired us to create a summery version of the Ombré Paint Palette with fresh, soft pastel shades. This will allow you to create beautiful ombre looks in no time!

The creamy texture of the gel ensures that it does not run into the cuticles, giving you a flawless look every time. The new tweezers make it easier to grip the Ombré Sponge to create a perfect two- or three- tone look.

Candy gels - 5 Fruity Nail Art Gels

These transparent, coloured nail art gels are packed with glitter in different sizes. You can find them together in a Candy Gels Box with 5 summery shades: Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Kiwi and Blueberry. Use them together with the SS24 colours or the B System nude gels, BFLEX and BSTRONG, for a fruity nail art effect. On social media, you can't miss these trendy looks, where glitter is on the cuticle, half hidden under a nude shade.

Mini French Colour Manicure

When you use it to create your favourite stamping plate designs, you should know that BCOLOUR colour gels are the ideal colours to use with stamping plates thanks to their highly pigmented formula.

This stamping tool is transparent and has a magnifying effect, so you can use it very precisely. You can make the most beautiful stamping nail art with it, such as the summery mini-French looks with a very precise, narrow smile line. They often come in different colours, such as the multi-colour French look with the new SS24 colours you can find on the back cover!

Liquid Pearl Chrome

In fashion these days, hightech colours are often used in combination with high-tech fabrics with a silver metallic pearlescent shine. You can achieve that same metallic effect with this Liquid Pearl Chrome on nails, as a trendy finish on all SS24 colours!


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